Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where I've Been (for those who were wondering)

I haven’t blogged for a bit because my kids and I took a trip to Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico for almost the entire month of July to help a missionary friend minister in a place where both Tarahumara Indians and Mexicans work making bricks literally by hand and live in pretty primitive housing. My friend, who works out there all year long, taught a month-long Bible course and I had the privilege of helping her by taking charge of the “nursery.” Since the nursery had kids up to eight years old there (anyone who can’t read was in the nursery), we did Bible lessons, crafts, and played with the kids every day. And, in the end the kids learned a few facts about God too!

It was an amazing and exhausting experience and we really, really came to love those kids, and miss them so much. I want to share a few pictures of the kids, and also my kids who were learning how to minister too! 

James worked with the kids, and learned how to encourage them to do their best, even though he's only a couple years older than them. Here he's teaching them how to work a jigsaw puzzle. (Remember he's doing this in Spanish, which is pretty impressive since he hasn't been there for over two years and has forgotten much of what he knew).
Anna absolutely loved working with the babies. This is her favorite, Martin. It was a great help to have Anna take the babies since that freed me up to work with the bigger kids and to help the teacher out.
I haven't had a kid throw a full-blown temper tantrum for years, so this was a good reminder of what it's like to have a two-year-old around. I just held him and loved him and after a bit he finally settled down enough to join us in coloring.
John is not a baby or little kid person, but he pitched right in and helped whereever he was needed. This day he was needed to help with a crying baby. It was a stretch for him, but he did a great job.
This is Ana, our Mexican teacher who we got to know and love while we were there. She was GREAT with the kids and a real blessing to all of us, especially me. Together we made a great combination as I made the plans for the day, the theme for the week, the song, and then she made it actually happen.

Lastly, this is my friend, Tasha, who is a missionary in Chihuahua. She is teaching the kids with a flannel board story here, and will continue to teach these precious children through the year on Friday afternoons.

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