Monday, July 9, 2012

Feedback on Making the Journey

I thought I'd share some feedback I got on Making the Journey from Mormonism to Biblical Christianity today. I love this feedback because it captures the heart of what I was attempting to do in writing it:

 "Read your book. It was the best book about Mormonism that I've read so far. Most of the questions I had, your book answered those questions. You did a wonderful job with writing it. You never ran down the church or the members. You just compared what the bible said to what Mormons believe. This is an excellent book for people leaving the church, questioning what Mormons believe or if Christians want to understand the LDS church better. I will be reading again and using as a reference books as I continue to read my bible."

Praise God that He used this book in this woman's life to help her in her transition! 

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